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    ... a gal who believes that everybody has a bit of spunk in 'em ...


    She dances, she sings...sometimes she takes off things....

    ANNA is the performance artist named "Moxie Easton" who, once upon a time was also the burlesque striptease artiste known as "Nipsy Tussle". a side of her that comes out to play every so often. Having gone through an artistic rebirth and renaissance, she has come to explore both sides of herself and continues her artistic journey as an homage to her inner spunk and a belief in everyone's inner fire.


    MOXIE is a Neo-Vaudevillian, Dancer, Cabaret Singer, Twirler, Educator, Choreographer, Parody Song Writer, Comedienne, Entertainer, Writer, Goofball, Mary-Jane Shoe Aficionado, Black-Pants Enthusiast, Music Lover, Thinker, Existentialist, Marmot Advocate, Faux-Redhead, Burlesque Striptease Artiste, Producer, Director & all around nice gal originally from Easton, PA.


    IF YOU WISH to send me some love - you can send me a gift from my WISH-LIST HERE! I've had many people ask how they can support my art over the years and helping me to get some of the beautiful things I need to stay my best and most creative will be posted there.


    Thank you for all your love and support over the years...with all my love, heart and soul...


    - Moxie "Ooh Ooh" Easton


    Because life really isn't about the destination...

    A dancer since age 4, Anna founded SIZEMOLOGY in 2009 a dance-program dedicated to adult women of all sizes as an effort to empower and encourage women to follow their passions regardless of age, size or other barriers we often use to stop ourselves from pursuing dreams. She pursued a registered trademark and maintained this business until 2015. She began her true push into performing when she began burlesque training in 2010, transformed into NIPSY TUSSLE and was a member of Salome Cabaret in Knoxville, TN. She expanded to producing her own shows and founded Follies Girls Productions a dance and performance art troupe featuring "The Follies Girls" (Knoxville's Unique Showgirls).


    Her passions are fringe arts, education and writing; and she focuses her productions on neo-vaudeville varieté & cabaret entertainment and values diverse performance art. She's always working to increase her knowledge as a performer has been fortunate enough to complete both workshop & private studies training from some of the biggest names in burlesque including Satan's Angel, Indigo Blue (Miss Exotic World 2011) and Perle Noire to name a few.


    In October 2015, Anna left Follies Girls Productions and entered a rebirth. She emerged as MOXIE EASTON. A spunky force of silly, sexy and intelligent pursuits ready to let her star qualities shine brightly! She has re-ignited her mission towards helping women discover and pursue their passions, and seeks to empower women of all ages and sizes to live their truest most authentic life.


    NOW she takes both sides of her performance art love and combines them into two personas that have different goals and desires! Known for her popular song parodies, she's taken the BEST of EVERYTHING & is looking forward to the REST of her sparkly journey as a performance artist, activist, educator and writer ready to show you her true belief that everybody has a bit of spunk in ' em.


    She is NOW the Founder, Director, Manager and resident Co-Producer of The Ooh Ooh Revue and OOHx2 ENTERTAINMENT in Knoxville, Tennessee.




    10th Annual Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival (AbsFest) Live Music & Burlesque Speakeasy! - Solo Performer & Vendor Coordinator


    13th Annual "Wiggle Room" Show at Heavy - Rebel Weekender (2013) - Performing with The Follies Girls


    4th Annual Carolina Burlesque Fest - Saturday Sweet Tease Pageant (2013) - Solo Performer


    Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend - Sunday Showcase

    - Performed in "Assels" in Jo "Boobs" Weldon's Sparkly Devil's Tribute (2013)


    Fierce! Burlesque Festival - Saturday Headliners Showcase (2013) - Solo Performer


    Southern Fried Burlesque Festival - Southern Scortchers Showcase (2013)​ - Solo Performer


    Southern Fried Burlesque Festival - Saturday Pageant (2013) - Performing w/ Salomé Cabaret in their Boob Bells Number (*WON: Best Variety, Most Comedic, Most Innovative & Audience Choice)


    Southern Fried Burlesque Festival - Workshop Instructor (2013)


    Purrrlesque Follies Charity Festival - Saturday Showcase (2013) - Solo Performer


    Purrrlesque Follies Charity Festival - Saturday Showcase (2013) - Performing w/ The Follies Girls


    Alabama Burlesque Festival - Saturday Night Showcase (2012) - Solo Performer


    Carolina Burlesque Festival - Friday Night Showcase (2012) - Solo Performer


    ABSFest: Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival - Sunday Showcase (2012) - Performing w/ The Follies Girls


    Southern Fried Burlesque Festival - Workshop Instructor (2012)​


    Purrrlesque Follies Charity Festival - Saturday Show (2012) - Performing w/ The SIZEMOLOGY Muses


    Southern Fried Burlesque Festival - Just Hatched Showcase (2011) - Solo Burlesque Performer Debut



    Debuted in 2015...

    "Dirty Laundry" (Cabaret Jazz)

    "Fell In Love with a Girl" (Jazz Go-Go)

    "Let's Go Crazy" (Jazz)


    Debuted in 2014...
    "Seven Devils" (Modern)
    "Ponzi" (Cabaret Jazz)
    "Evil Women" (Jazz)
    "Splatter, Splatter, Surprise" (Theatrical Jazz)
    "Hell" (Cabaret Jazz)
    "Showgirl" (Cabaret Jazz)
    "Pet Me Pappa" (Cabaret Jazz)

    Debuted in 2013...
    "Kill of the Night" (Jazz)
    "Make Love" Perle Noire Tribute (Jazz)
    "Lover's Lane" (Jazz)

    Debuted in 2012...
    "I'm Your Man" (Cabaret Jazz)
    "Pasties & A G-String" (Cabaret Jazz)

    Debuted in 2011..

    Debuted in 2010..


    History before includes numerous choreographed pieces when working for Dance World in Philadelphia, PA and other endeavors.



    Debuted in 2016...

    "Red, Like a Book" (Burlesque)

    "Desserts N'Sync" (Song Parody)

    "Thank You Mr. Nelson" (Solo Dance)


    Debuted in 2015...

    "Frozen...Not Frigid" (Song Parody)


    Debuted in 2014...
    "Appetite for The Mind" (Song Parody)
    Memories of Magnolia (Burlesque)
    Neon Heat (Burlesque)
    "Purr Happs" (Song Parody)
    Turn Around and Walk Away (Burlesque)

    Debuted in 2013...
    Blind and Bound (Burlesque)
    Bigger? My, My! (Burlesque)
    "Choreography by the Drink" (Song Parody)
    Feeling Blue? (Burlesque)
    Rock-N-Road Shimmy Show (Burlesque)
    Swinging It Sultry-Style (Burlesque)

    Debuted in 2012...
    Bountiful Bikini Babe (Burlesque)
    Damned Lady (Burlesque)
    Girl on the Side Dish (Burlesque)
    Heavenly Holidays (Burlesque)
    Splash-Dance! (Burlesque)
    This Gal is On Fire (Burlesque)
    The Not-So-Little Mermaid (Burlesque Song Parody)

    Debuted in 2011..
    An American In Paris: Nipsy-Edition (Burlesque)
    Barefoot in the Snow (Burlesque)
    For The Love of Money (Burlesque)
    The Return of Mrs. Roper (Burlesque)

    Debuted in 2010..
    A Night at Merlotte's (Burlesque)
    Sugar High (Burlesque)
    Tipsy Miss Nipsy (Burlesque)
    You're Tequilin' Me (Burlesque)


    History before includes numerous choreographed pieces when working for Dance World in Philadelphia, PA and other endeavors.

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